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italo, 21, brazil. i watch more tv shows that I can handle. i don't know but i love logan lerman and ashton irwin.

"It’s Friday night, I’m putting on my highest heels, my shortest skirt, my best device for concealing my penis and I’ve got everything I need, ow!"


Gillian + Photoshop

Acting is my profession. Bad photoshop is my passion.

Get to Know: Logan Lerman (insp)

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Is it a banger? How many beats per minute? How many drops? How dope are the drops? Were any acoustic instruments used? If so, it is not a banger. I once accidentally downloaded a Lumineers song. I had to throw away my whole computer just to be safe.

"I feel like Hollywood’s afraid of grime, sometimes," he says. "They’re afraid of getting dirty. They want to keep their actors pretty, so they can sell them." He pauses, and then adds: "Maybe at the end of the day I just like blood and dirt and all that stuff. I think it makes people look better."